Sunday, October 22, 2017

Rogan Mcmahon

Rogan Mcmahon is Shane  son  shane and  marissa  shane has  three kids  Rogan McMahon and  Declan McMahon Kenyon Mcmahon  I will vince Mcmahon the  ceco of wwe and the chairman his  middle  is  Vincent kennedy Mcmahon at  wrestlemania  32  shane  kids and  at wrestlemania  32 dancing with shane  out  vs undertaker  at  wrestlemania  32 hell in the cell match shane  kids watching there father shane jump off 20 feet  in the cell in the hell aginest  the  undertaker I will be  a great Daugther in law  for  shane  kids   they will be  my stepkids in the future  when  will be a  Mcmahon shane and  marissa will say welcome to the  family  to the  McMahon family  Vince Mcmahon the grandfather shane  kids vince  is a great grandfather


  1. Rogan McMahon will be very lucky to have you in his family!

  2. Vince Mahon will be a great grandfather to you Jade!

  3. you will be a great daughter in law for Shane and Marissa's kids Jade!